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Searcher PageRank (formely Advanced Site Position) is a software designed to locate web-sites positions in search engines using keywords. Searcher PageRank supports two modes of operation: you can find out position of one site using several sets of search phrases or, vice versa, you can find out positions of several sites using one search phrase. In both modes, search depth is unlimited. Program work with 300+ search engines from 37 countries, including USA, Cannadian, Irish, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chilie, Estonian, Latvian, Czech, Icelandic, Israeli, Indian, Argentine, Bulgarian, Dutch, English, Finnish, Brasilian, Portuguese, Chinese, Taiwan, Hong-Kong and other search engines. With Searcher PageRank you'll get not only your site positions, you'll get a lot of additinal information: how many pages was returned by engine for your keywords, number of page with your site, position on the page with your site, list of top URLs. Also, you'll able to generate reports to publish results on the Web or analyze it in spreadsheet. Results are provided in a table form; it is possible to save a project to continue working on it later, to save reports in HTML, CSV (Comma Separated Values), Microsoft Excel or text format. You can look at some HTML report samples here. Operation of software products Searcher PageRank involves processing of great amount of information. A typical project requires to process thousands web-pages provided by search engines, with tens megabytes of total data volume. Thanks to preliminary processing of wed-pages on our server we managed to reduce the amount of information to be transferred by 25 times. This ensures high-speed operation even through slow Internet connection. Searcher PageRank is shareware. If you use this software after the 30 day evaluation period a registration is required. Also, unregistered version of program has limited search depth and set of search engines.

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